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   Kinologistika is an independent company that teams 20-25 professionals focused mainly on movie distribution and production. Over the years its team has been developing a unique approach towards cherry picking a good quality product and finding unbeaten routes for delivering it to theaters and ultimate consumers. We believe that the key to the success lies in diversity and that is pretty much the reason why we are aiming at the wide range of films regardless of genre, demographic and origin. Due to this, the significant part of our line-up is the films produced in the USA, Europe, Canada, China, Korea.

  We have some interest in and collaborations with the side businesses like dubbing, production and logistics which makes it possible to be flexible while preparing a film for the release in turbulent times like we are facing now in Russia where new trends start to emerge. One of such strategic patterns we had to adopt is embarking on marginal releases for the sake of accumulating a catalogue that will generate profits in future enabling us to stay afloat.

  We have been in attendance at every major Film Market like EFM, Cartoon Movies, Filmart, AFM, Marche Du Film and TIFF since the time the company started to exist. We also commission scouts present at the events like French Rendezvous, Sundance Film Festivals etc to keep an eye open for us.

  Kinologistika was founded by Anatoly Sergeev in October 2014. Anatoly has been working in the Russian film industry since 2003 as producer, director, scriptwriter. He has a substantial background working in such companies like: Nashe Kino, Volga, Muravey Production, Marins Film Group, Russian Film Group. Anatoly acted as a promo producer on big fantasy $30 million budget epic VIY 3D (English title: Forbidden Empire) with Jason Flemyng and Charles Dance in leading roles.Anatoly has a great experience working on both ends of film business: distribution and exhibition. He did marketing, booking and other work for 300+ movies (including Slumdog Millionaire, Wrestler, Un prophète, Bebe(s), Biutiful, Bienvenue chez les Ch’ti, Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque), Loving Vincent, Slow West, etc.)

Sincerely yours, Anatoly Sergeev